Video Clips

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2015 Tisdale STS Christmas Social

Three minute video of the presentation by the Singing Pines from Nipawin.

Provincial President Doug Haroldson visits Tisdale

Mr. Haroldson's complete speech, just under fifteen minutes.

2013 Tisdale STS Christmas Social

Ten minute video featuring highlights of the presentation by the TMSS band and some carol singing.

Thirtieth Anniversary of the Tisdale Chapter

This video is fifteen minutes long with remarks by the president and provincial representatives. The most important portion of the video includes the remarks by three of the surviving original members who establish the chapter thirty years ago.
Melfort’s Superannuates’ Christmas
This Tisdale Chapter shared a Christmas celebration in Melfort with the Melfort Chapter hosting the event on December 5, 2012
SST President Robert Wuschenny visits Tisdale Chapter
October 15, 2012 the Tisdale Chapter had the pleasure of a visit from the provincial president and he outlined in his presentation some of the ongoing projects for the year.
Christmas 2011
This three minute video shows some of the highlights of the programme at the Tisdale Christmas event shared by the Melfort Chapter.